Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds disclaimer

The Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds are a range of Swiss-domiciled investment funds established as an Umbrella Fund under Swiss Law of the "Other Funds for Traditional Investments" Type. The Fund Management Company responsible for the operation and administration of the Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds is Credit Suisse Asset Management Funds AG ('CSAM Funds'), which has its registered office in Credit Suisse Asset Management Funds AG, Sihlcity – Kalandergasse 4, 8070 Zurich.

CSAM Funds is also responsible for the publication of the Prospectus of the Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds and for calculating and publishing the Net Asset Values and share prices of the sub-funds comprising the Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds, as shown on this site. Investment management companies within the Aberdeen Asset Management Group have been appointed as the Investment Managers of the Aberdeen (Swiss) Funds, as fully described in the Prospectus.

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